Ducati DesertX Crash Bars Drop Test

By |2023-03-03T17:13:37-05:00March 3, 2023|Test, Video|

This one was of the most nerve-wrecking crash bars tests yet. Why?  If you want to see the drop test video, just skip the text below.  Simply because the DesertX lacks (crash bars) mounting points. Never mind solid mounting points, this new Ducati adventure bike has two good anchor points [...]

Aprilia Tuareg 660 Crash Bars Drop Test

By |2023-02-24T16:16:32-05:00February 24, 2023|Product Testing, Video|

As the title suggest without making it clickbait-y. We tested a new set of crash bars to kick off 2023 with! It's rare that we introduce products of a new motorcycle after a year of having the bike (Tuareg 660) in our possession. Several reason for this, but primarily is [...]

Exploring the Canary Islands Off-road – A film by Outback Motortek

By |2022-02-06T15:36:04-05:00February 6, 2022|International, Off-roading, Product Testing, Video|

We decided to combine some stunning landscape with gorgeous motorcycles. The result is nothing short of spectacular! Photo and video credit: Ivan Monagas Studio The Canary Islands is an archipelago that belongs to Spain. It's nicely tucked away near Morocco, thus the winter temperatures are ideal for an escape during [...]

Elements – A Raw Adventures Film

By |2021-06-20T12:12:40-04:00March 20, 2021|Video|

A short, inspirational film with no music distraction. Just the raw experience. Elements is what we decided on calling this film presented by Outback Motortek.  A short film depicting two riders on a BMW R1250GS and a Honda Africa Twin 1100 Adventure Sports. Enjoy the sound of the engines, the [...]

Yamaha Tenere 700 Featuring Sweet Upgrades

By |2020-11-28T10:25:50-05:00November 28, 2020|Product Testing, Video|

Bare bone basic. That’s exactly how Yamaha Tenere 700s leave the factory and head to dealers. Hence most owners end up spending some money on upgrades. It heavily depends on what one needs or wants. Of course, having funds can make a world of difference in improving a Tenere 700! [...]

Riding off-road in Germany? Here’s how it looks. Episode #2 of On My Trail

By |2020-11-15T08:07:47-05:00November 15, 2020|Off-roading, On My Trail, Video|

Restrictions. Regulations. Limitations. Is there any hope for German off pavement addicts? Perhaps a couple of decades ago Germany was a decent place for off-road trail and adventure riders. However lately it’s nearly forbidden to operate any motorized vehicles off pavement.  In this episode of On My Trail by Outback [...]

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