Triumph Tiger 800 models (Triumph Tiger XR, XC, XRx, XRx LOW, XRT, XCx or XCA) are a very popular choice for road and off-road touring. You can choose our sought-after and proven crash bars, skid plate and pannier racks.

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Aluminium Panniers

Black. Aluminium. A tough, safe and lockable hard case set, ready to become the ultimate motorcycle travel luggage system. Our cases feature Mosko Moto's proven wedge-mount system for easy mounting and dismounting, alongside some (optional) extra accessories for a complete and versatile luggage system. __________ This product is in its final stage of development and is expected to arrive in the June of 2024. The current retail price is an estimate at the moment.  

Triumph Tiger 800 – Crash Bars

Crash Bars for Triumph Tiger 800 XR, XC, XRx, XRx LOW, XRT, XCx or XCA One of the biggest advantages of our crash bars system is the all around 25mm diameter tubing that rests on 5mm thick steel mounting tabs and offers reliable protection for fairing, radiator, engine case and other parts of the engine. The design is based on the philosophy that less is often more, hence we created a compact, sturdy set of crash bars that do not reach far away from its mounting points. This system perfectly complements the sporty, aggressive lines of the Triumph Tiger 800.

Triumph Tiger 800 – Pannier Racks

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Pannier Racks for Triumph Tiger 800 The Adventure Moto/Outback Motortek X-Frames for the Triumph Tiger 800 are the most universal and functional side pannier frames yet, allowing simple, secure mounting of Rotopax, hard panniers and soft luggage. We also offer standard pannier racks. The difference between our standard pannier racks and the X-Frames is that the standard frames don't feature RotoPax mounts and tabs welded on all four corners.