We are probably not known to be gentle on our bikes thanks to the legendary drop&drag test videos. This time we decided to be “hard” on the KLR 650 in Moab. What could go wrong?

It’s the famous off-road paradise, Moab, after all! Its landscape features rocks, rocks and more rocks in all sizes and shapes. The decision to put Killian Moreno in charge of the KLR increased the risk factor. The guy is a p**o loco! 

Our time in Moab was limited to three days partially due to the fast-approaching heat wave and Moab tends to be sizzling hot when the heat comes. Still, we did our best to make our way to some of the most iconic spots and mix the “wrecking” with some sightseeing as well.

Big shoutout to Miguel Santana for shooting and editing the film (link to website), Killian Moreno for putting the KLR 650 through the wringer, Eric Waterfall aka Ruby Moto for his epic auxiliary light, entertainment and the outstanding drone shots, Mosko Moto for dressing up Killian and for the Reckless 40L panniers, MotoZ for the tires, BarkBusters for the hand guards and Upshift Online for the voiceover. 

The full video (with 4K option) is below. It’s popcorn time! 

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