Mosko Moto

The “ultimate” soft luggage brand. We’ve been collaborating with Mosko Moto since 2018 and in 2019 they began to sell our standard version pannier racks to customers across the planet.


The folks from Kriega have been offering our “X-Frame” pannier racks to their customers with OS-22 and OS-32 soft panniers. It’s a deadly combo with weight saving in mind. We can also thank them for being our UK exclusive dealers as well as facilitating the partnership with Pol Tarrés.

Upshift Online

Upshift Online is a magazine that strictly operates online. They release issues every single month with the highest possible quality content. We’ve been partners with Upshift Online since 2017 and thanks to them we’ve been involved in at least a dozen build projects.

Ruby Moto

Our go-to auxiliary lights supplier and good friends. They strive for nothing, but the best!

Overland Expo

We’ve attended numerous OX events and built a good relationship with the team. We’re stoked to have been asked three times in a row to contribute to their signature overland bike build projects.

Backcountry Discovery Routes

The most well-known and most active team (non-profit) maintaining and creating trails for overland adventure motorcycle riders in the United States. We’re stoked to have partnered with them and offer contribution to their great cause.

Barkbusters Handguards

Our go-to handguards and “hands down” the best in our opinion. Barkbusters have saved our hands, levers and handlebars countless times over the past 5-6 years.

MotoZ Tires

We’ve been running MotoZ tires over the years. There’s a reason why so many riders rave about them. The off-road performance of their tires is one of the best out there.

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