As the title suggest without making it clickbait-y. We tested a new set of crash bars to kick off 2023 with!

It’s rare that we introduce products of a new motorcycle after a year of having the bike (Tuareg 660) in our possession. Several reason for this, but primarily is the lack of capacity to develop and produce. We solved it within 6-7 months and hopped on the development process immediately.

3D scanning the entire motorcycle was a great start. Although we can do product testing simulations in AutoCAD, they’re nowhere near as exciting as watching the bike torpedo into the ground and then having this nervous energy in the air for a few second before lifting up the bike to inspect the damages. 

There was also a fantastic opportunity to perform the crash bars test in a very unique environment while also having a pro videographer available. So, right after we had wrapped a three day video shoot, we immediately went ahead with dumping the Tuareg 660. The link to the full video in beautiful 4K is below:

2 thoughts on “Aprilia Tuareg 660 Crash Bars Drop Test

  1. Phil says:

    Great video for the Tuareg crash bars that is why yours are better designed than the others, Please help me out in getting your products on my bike here in Australia.
    [email protected]

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