Riding off-road in Germany? Here’s how it looks. Episode #2 of On My Trail

By |2020-11-15T08:07:47-05:00November 15, 2020|Off-roading, On My Trail, Video|

Restrictions. Regulations. Limitations. Is there any hope for German off pavement addicts? Perhaps a couple of decades ago Germany was a decent place for off-road trail and adventure riders. However lately it’s nearly forbidden to operate any motorized vehicles off pavement.  In this episode of On My Trail by Outback [...]

Going bilingual – Africa Twin 1000 crash bars installation

By |2016-10-25T00:10:16-04:00October 25, 2016|Video|

Perhaps the title sounds a tad confusing but let me clarify. I receive all sorts of free products requests by Youtube vloggers that offer 'big returns" and "bright future". Yah. Few do. I liked this guy. I had good feelings about his approach. No sugarcoating, no exaggerating, no BS. Excuse me. [...]

Outback Motortek Dynamic Promo Video

By |2016-03-29T00:33:30-04:00February 14, 2016|Video|

Let's just call this a teaser. A short but very dynamic video, full of action-packed content on how I spent most of my time riding my 800GS in 2015. 2014 was a Vstrom 650 year for me. I had owned another one in 2013 that helped me achieve my dream to [...]

My experiences with soft vs. hard luggage – Part 2.

By |2016-03-29T00:42:44-04:00January 31, 2016|Review, Video|

Soft luggage systems are becoming really popular for a number of reasons. And there's more to it than just being light.Photos by: The Brokentooth Project, Green Chile Adventure Gear, Outback MotortekThere's no such thing as one size fits all. Therefore the hard luggage crowd that used to rule the adventure [...]

Flying “Wee” a.k.a. Suzuki Vstrom 650 skid plate bashing

By |2016-03-29T01:11:00-04:00December 26, 2015|Report, Video|

It was almost a year ago that despite the harsh early January weather conditions in southern Ontario, I took my beloved "Wee" 650 for a spin.  I'm not usually the one to excitedly test products in -5C/23F but my good friend/winter test pilot Oliver Brokentooth ( was getting ready for his [...]

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