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FAQ 1. Do I have to login to be able to browse Outback Motortek websites? No, you don’t. Browsing on the website doesn’t require registration. Without being logged in you can view products, photos, blogs etc. But in order to purchase products you must register. If you create your profile on Outback Motortek, not only you can order products but you can also get newsletters about the latest deals and products. 2. How can I register at Outback Motortek web store? After providing us a few personal details registration is easy, quick and convenient. It’s important to note that registration, logging in, shopping and browsing go through a so-called Secure Sockets Layer (SSL), thus your personal information are guaranteed to stay safe. Also, your personal information shall be never be distributed to any third party. 3. The confirmation link that I was provided with in the email after registration is not working. How to proceed? If you cannot confirm your registration after clicking on the link, please contact us. All you have to do is write us an email using the same exact email you’ve tried to register with and we will activate your profile. In this case please provide us with your personal information that’s required to get you registered. 4. I forgot my password. What to do now? If you’ve already registered on Outback Motortek but have forgotten your password, please click on the “Forgotten Password” link, provide us your email and we will assign you a new password. With this password you can log in to Outback Motortek. The new password can be changed under “My Account” by clicking on “Change your Password”. 5. By registering on Outback Motortek I signed up for newsletter, too. How can I cancel it? If you wish to cancel the newsletter, please go to “Subscribe and unsubscribe newsletter” in your profile. 6. My personal information has changed. Can I modify my previous personal information? Yes, you can. Proceed to “Edit your account information” and you will be able modify all your personal details but your email under the “My Account” menu. 7. Can I delete my profile on Outback Motortek? Yes. If you wish to delete your profile, please log in and proceed to “Delete Your Account” menu. Important to note that if you would like to shop at Outback Motortek, you will have to register again. 8. I would like to order a product from Outback Motortek but it’s Out of Stock/ In Development. Can I pre-order the product? Of course, you can. In this case you will add the desired product to the “Wish list”. We will also be notified about your intent by adding a product to the “Wish list”. This way Outback Motortek will work even harder to make the product available for you. Once your desired product is available, you can purchase it by checking your wish list. You can track your wish list under your profile menu. You also have the option to modify your wish list. You will always be notified about these changes via email. 9. I’ve ordered a product. How can I keep track of it? You can keep track of all your orders under your profile menu. If you’ve got question about shipping, please contact us. 10. Am I able to modify my orders? In case you’ve just added your desired products to the shopping cart but you’re yet to pay then you may make changes to your order. Simply just click on your shopping cart and here you can make changes. If you would like to change the color of your product then remove your product from the shopping cart, look up the desired product again and choose according to your preferred color. You can always change the number of the products you wish to purchase without first deleting you the product from your shopping cart.