We decided to combine some stunning landscape with gorgeous motorcycles. The result is nothing short of spectacular!

Photo and video credit: Ivan Monagas Studio

The Canary Islands is an archipelago that belongs to Spain. It’s nicely tucked away near Morocco, thus the winter temperatures are ideal for an escape during the “grey” months in the Northern Hemisphere. If this is not enough of a reason, add the fact that it’s a pure motorcycle paradise! The best part is that on the islands you won’t be restricted to pavement-only rides. There are dozens of off-pavement trails. 

It’s only by pure luck that Ivan and his partner run a small film production company on the island and they also have passions for motorcycles: Ivan Monagas Studio

Proof of the pudding is in the eating, so here we go, grab your popcorn and smash the “PLAY” button below:


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