Short pleasant days and long freezing nights didn’t deter us from taking our Aprilia Tuareg 660 in the Movaje Desert. Our campsite for the duration of the filming was at 1500m/4900ft elevation! 

Scroll to the bottom of the page if you want to watch the video without looking at the amazing photos below.

Never mind the elevation and freezing nights. What we didn’t incorporate in our plans was storms. At this elevation in the middle of the winter it’s not hard to get caught in snow storm despite being in California!

Fortunately it was one day and it didn’t jeopardize our filming plans. We had plenty of sunshine with the occasional frost and snowy patches in shaded areas. 

The temperature change was immediate once the sun dipped beyond the horizon! We went from light jacket to winter coat in a matter of minutes. 

Sharing content to keep followers posted didn’t stop! When Killian wasn’t riding he was posting photos and videos 🙂 @killianmoreno on Instagram. 

We were in great hands with Miguel behind the camera and also filling in the director role. Experience matters! Miguel’s website here

If you have gotten this far, I’d like to thank you. Now enjoy this cinematic short film portraying this amazing motorcycle ridden by an amazing rider. Not to mention the beautiful white crash bars and skid plate by Outback Motortek!

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