QuickShift is the title of this amazing short video produced by Outback Motortek. It describes this agile KTM 390 Adventure!

Many riders have asked us about this KTM model. Who would this 390 Adventure satisfy, who does KTM target and whether it’s capable of covering distance with ease, can it be ridden off-road? Our short video answers some of these questions. Having the right rider taking it off pavement makes it even more attractive. Our rider (Killian Moreno) said it after riding the 390 Adventure for two days: “This bike has a lot of potential and it is more capable than I anticipated”. 

We picked an amazing location for the duration of the filming and product testing. This was the first real opportunity to put our crash bars and skid plate to test. Our test ground was Central Oregon which offers a great variety of landscapes from high desert to alpine-like mountains and rocky terrain. 

Creating little stories of our short films is important. Hence we decided to initially (in a funny way) depict the 390 what many people think of it: small, gutless and just an 890 Adventure wannabe. If you’re intrigued by what you’ve read so far, please feel free to watch the video below.

Our KTM 390 Adventure features a few upgrades such as Mosko Moto R40L panniers, MotoZ tires (rear), BarkBusters hand guards, Acerbic high fender etc.

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