Our Mission

…goes beyond designing, developing, manufacturing and selling adventure motorcycle accessories. We at Outback Motortek:

  • Also love anything adventurous on two wheels
  • Inspire and encourage others to fulfill their dreams by hitting the open road and cross states/provinces, countries and continents
  • Partner with businesses whose owners and some of the staff ride motorcycles as well
  • Sponsor riders who stand out the crowd like Kinga Tanajewska, Killian Moreno, Gionata Nencini, Pol Tarres to name a few.
  • Furthermore, we are proud to partner with prestigious companies such as Mosko Moto, Kriega and Upshift Online.

Our Strongholds


We have passion for metal fabrication and riding motorcycles. The combination of the two is the result of Outback Motortek.


Constant and earnest effort to accomplish what is undertaken. We take this seriously and are constantly improving our products and services!


We are always working on being as precise as humanly possible. Some of our production is done by hand and some by machines.

Production is done by hand & machines

We are always working on being as precise as humanly possible. Some of our production is done by hand and some by machines.

“Kelli (co-founder) and I were very inspired by the outbacks of Central Asia during our adventure. A few months later it turned into an adventure motorcycle outfitting business and it was named Outback Motortek.”

Lorry & Kelli Gombos

Founders of Outback Motortek

More than just proudly made. More than just an adventure!

It had begun as a once in a lifetime adventure and turned into something we never thought of. Outback Motortek is a combination of opportunity, experience and the desire to improve anything related to riding adventure/dual-sport motorcycles. Our products are designed in Canada and manufactured in the Hungary (European Union) to utilize a unique opportunity between father and son separated by the Atlantic Ocean. It doesn’t stop us to combine our ideas, experiences and put them into reality with nearly 40 years experience in metal manufacturing in a well-established fabrication facility.
Established in Pickering, ON, Canada in 2014.

That’s how we build Outback Motortek accessories.

Some of our machines are old and some are the latest technology. Although Outback Motortek is still a work in progress, at the end of the day there’s only one thing that matters: to provide you with the quality we promise. All of our products are finished in-house but some components are outsourced to specialists such as machining, or laser cutting/water jetting.

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