What Our Clients Say

Some kind words from our respective clients


Got it early Saturday and installed it all yesterday. Looks great and bolted right up with no issues!
Thanks again I will recommend you guys on our local forum.

Max A.
Suzuki Vstrom 650

“Beautiful Work”

I have to commend you for your beautiful work. I have installed and used your center stand. Its fit, form and function are superb! I will be ordering more items.

Gene I.
Suzuki Vstrom 650


You did great with offering a color choice, too much black out there! They look awesome, and I know they will work well, but never really want to fully test them…

Mark C.

“Top Quality”

I am very pleased with the setup. I feel confident in the build quality and the protection it provides the bike. I believe you have a system that could easily outsell others on the market.

Chris L.
Suzuki Vstrom 650

“Fast Reply”

Wow, that was a fast reply! Thanks a lot, I really appreciate it!

Suzuki Vstrom 650

“Very Pleased”

I’m very pleased with your product. I would like to give a positive product review on the Outback Motortek skid plate and rear luggage rack. I’m am very proud to have met you and share your name & company from time to time. I will look forward to riding together one day down the trail.

Scott F.

“Thank You”

Ordered them up (3 sets of crash bars, edit). It has been a long time since I have had service like this thanks for making it a good one. Looking forward to putting your product to good use.

Thank you very much again and I look forward to dealing with you in the future and thank you and your people for such a well made product.

Kyle H.
Kawasaki KLR 650


Hey guys, just thought I’d give a little bit of a pictorial review of some new Outback Motortek crash bars I got for my bike. The owner of the company Lorry couldn’t have been more helpful in sourcing cheapest method of getting these shipped to Australia, and is just an overall really nice guy as well. The bars themselves feel extremely strong, nice welds and wrap around the bike really well, more so than the…

James M.


Just after I had installed my shiny, new Outback Motortek lower and upper crash bars and skid plate I was volunteered to become a crash test dummy by a car that decided to come to my side of the road …yep. I’ve now tested this gear in one of the worst case scenarios – a head on collision with a relative velocity of 70 km/h!

Even though the front of the bike took a massive hit, the Outback Motortek crash bars and skid plate performed brilliantly – they fully protected the engine and the side of the bike. The engine, side fairings, pegs & mirrors were unscratched – very impressive!

Kinga T.

“Really Good”

I dropped the bike and the bars did not bend 1mm, they damped the fall. Really good product!

Phillip D.
Kawasaki KLR 650


I come from an off road racing background and looked at other plates and wasn’t impressed. Saw a post on Instagram and looked you guys up. Again, for me your slider ribs sold me on your skid plate and it works awesome!

Tristan K.
Kawasaki KLR 650