Five simple reasons that set us apart from the competition. I want to present the reasons without them being interrupted by photos and an intro “word salad”. The visual representation can be found by scrolling further down.

Photo credit: Leonoor Fischer –

  1. Lightweight Aluminum Structure – Our aluminum panniers are designed to be light (enough) in order to easily mount and dismount. We do not promote the use of our aluminum panniers for off-road rides, hence we didn’t design overweight, tank-like hard cases. There’s Mosko Moto’s Backcountry soft panniers for off-road rides and Outback Motortek’s aluminum panniers for pavement or gravel rides.
  2. Welded From One Piece – As stated above, our panniers are light, but thanks to the single sheet welded structure they’re stronger than aluminum panniers riveted from multiple pieces.
  3. Mosko Moto Mounting System – One of the most exciting features is the trusted and proven mounting system from Mosko Moto. They’re secured on pannier racks via four pucks per side. Because they are built tough they do add some extra weight. However, they are compatible with a large variety of OEM and aftermarket pannier racks, not just Outback Motortek pannier racks.
  4. Narrow & Deep, not wide & shallow – Narrow panniers can be easier to navigate with in traffic or tight spaces. It’s also a safer feature to have panniers mounted, which are not wider (or just barely) than your motorcycle’s handlebar. Deeper panniers have the advantage to offer a lower centre of gravity.
  5. Fully Lockable – Our panniers come with friction hinges on the back side and large stainless steel latches (manufactured by us) on the front side. The latches come with cam locks integrated. The Mosko Moto mounting system comes with speed pins, but we upgrade the speed pins in order to make them lockable. See below.

Note: currently the speed pin does not feature a pull-tab in the photos, but will be part of the final product.

If you’d like to learn more about the specs, pricing and availability you can proceed via this highlighted link: Aluminum Panniers

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