No clickbait title! Our friends from Traction eRag truly attempted to put our DesertX through the wringer. 

To include the word “destroy” would not be an accurate description of the title. The guys from Traction eRag didn’t roll the DesertX off a cliff! Instead they put a solid rider in charge of the machine and two Honda 250RX dirt bikes with two also solid riders to chase the Ducati on some truly challenging single tracks. To spice things up the filming took place around mid May. There were still snow patches in shaded areas, lots of mud and the creeks were full. 

The conditions were ideal for a great ride with different levels of challenges. However, the DesertX needed some upgrades prior to hitting the trails.

  • Tires: we settled for the MotoZ Desert H|T to get the desired grip and traction in slippery conditions. 
  • Handguards: BarkBusters have been our go to hand guards brand, hence the DesertX go this upgrade too. 
  • Graphics Kit: Upshift Online is our graphics kit partner. We proudly rocked their kit on the DesertX too.
  • Aux lights: Ruby Moto R4s were the chosen lights as always. 
  • Exhaust: we wanted to enhance the sound of the DesertX and went with their titanium muffler and de-cat pipe. We also shaved off about 12-13bls/4.5-5kgs!
  • Protection: Outback Motortek crash bars, skid plate and water pump guard, of course! 

Now, it’s truly popcorn time! This video is 23 minutes long.

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