Triumph Tiger 800 Accessories Update

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It all began in February, 2017 and now we are so close to releasing the Tiger 800 accessories. With some slight delay though. Also, prices are now available.  Most adventure bike riders are after crash and engine guards, since that's the primary protection even for those who barely to never go [...]

Kawasaki KLR upgrade package at NO EXTRA cost!

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Most if not all people who have owned a Kawasaki KLR 650 know that their bike is perfect. Well, pretty close it.Photo by: Jeff Gast Photography But there is a problem that's been ignored by Kawasaki and has caused a lot of headaches for a KLR 650 owners: subframe bolts. What [...]

Welcome to the new Outback Motortek website!

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You might have seen our previous website. Well, we decided that you, the visitor, deserve a cleaner, more informative website/online store, therefore we had the old site torn down to the ground and have had a new one built. It's been no small project but we certainly hope you like [...]

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