This is like a dream come true: finally we get to work on a KTM adventure model! 

People who ride dual sport or adventures bikes know well that KTM’s success derives from dominating hardcore and enduring races such as the Dakar Rally, Red Bull Romaniacs, Erzberg Rodeo and the list goes on. It should come as no surprise that KTM’s adventure models showcase countless features related to off-road racing. 

Maybe not so obvious for everyone but these beastly KTM adventure bikes have become dominant on trails ridden by “Average Joes”. Trails or single tracks where you’d expect only 450 and smaller dirt bikes. 

With that in mind, we’ve created a heavy duty engine protection. An armour. A skid plate or in some parts of the world they call it a bash plate! Regardless, it’s as vital to protect the engine as wearing a helmet! 

I’ve made  a video to introduce the skid plate mounted on the Outback Motortek R&D KTM 1090R Adventure. Click on the video right below here:

Besides the video presentation, we also made sure to get you great quality shots of the skid plate, so you can better envision it on your KTM adventure. 


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