So far, this has been the best promotional video displaying the new Honda Africa Twin. (IMHO) Even though it was intended to promote Icon’s Raiden DKR Monochromatic Jacket.

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The headline on their website says “Top Of The World”, which may refer to something else and not the actual top of the world. Especially judging by the flat areas Ernie Vigil rides through on the new – seemingly stock – Africa Twin 1000. Although most adventure and dual sport related sites, like ADV Pulse mention nothing about mods, nor does the official Icon website. 

Honda Africa Twin 1000 Lord Of The Atlas ride

Regardless, the demo video meets the previously set high standards by the other Icon Raiden videos. If you have not seen the one where Ernie and his bud bash up two Triumph 800 Tigers, then I suggest you catch up on it. It’s a professionally done short film packed with action that almost want to make you go out there and ride your bike to its limits. It has certainly made me to it numerous time. 

The new Africa Twin related demo video may have similar effects on you. So, if you need motivation to ride, turn to Icon Raiden. 

Honda Africa Twin 1000 Lord Of The Atlas ride

Ernie Vigil does a great job of whipping around Honda’s new dual-sport machine, making it seem like a dirt bike. Technically it is. On steroids. “Top Of The World” could not have been filmed at a better place than the U.S.’s famous off-roading heaven in Moab , Utah. Enough with the words. Check out some real actions in the video below! 

Honda Africa Twin 1000 Lord Of The Atlas ride

By the way, the new Icon Monochromatic jacket rocks, too. 

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