Few of you may have ridden one of North America’s last adventure highways, some of you are probably planning to take on it and the rest have probably never heard of Canada’s only road that goes past the Arctic circle. 

There’s a phrase going around these days as the adventure motorcycle segment is gaining some serious popularity: “It’s not an adventure until you leave your comfort zone.” or until something does not go to plan. In this case it’s not the “road” that makes it an adventure for those dare to ride it, it’s the unpredictable elements. Besides the short window of opportunity to ride due to sudden weather change, the Northwest Territories and the Dempster Highway are known to be the Canadian Serengeti; wild, wide-open country teeming with frontier beasts. 

There are numerous ride reports published in details by Motorcycle Mojo and OneWheelDrive.net but if pictures are worth a thousand words, then videos are worth a million.

Perhaps it’s just a coincidence but our first ever Africa Twin 1000 customer from the U.S. – Leo – was busy preparing for his upcoming Dempster Highway adventure earlier this year. He had put in a lot of effort to properly document pretty much every step leading up to the departure and it has not gone unnoticed! Leo’s YouTube channel has over a thousand subscribers now. 

When I say it’s a detailed video of the prep work, I mean it. Leo recorded 36 minutes of video to begin with. What makes gives Leo’s video ever more creditability is that he’s comparing his current setup with his previous bike’s , a Kawasaki KLR 650 and the mistakes he made getting it ready for a trip to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska. 

First video: Inuvik Trip Preparation


Extra fuel, tools’ location, riding apparel, camping gear, emergency kit, survival kit etc. Oh and don’t forget the Outback Motortek Ultimate Protection Combo

By the way protection, it soon came to Leo’s rescue. His Klim gear saved his bones and Outback Motortek saved his Africa Twin. 


Just because it’s gravel road to Inuvik, it does not mean it’s easy. Let’s find out why!


Full video: day by day on the way to Inuvik!  


Post-trip recap: what worked and what didn’t. Leo will begin with the performance of the Outback Motortek crash bars and engine guards and then move onto other parts and accessories.


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