I might not be alone with this but, I have always been curious to know where and how things are made.

A long time ago I got hooked with the Discovery Channel’s “How it’s made” TV show. It was fascinating and seriously engaging. Perhaps it’s my turn now to let you know how things are made at Outback Motortek. Are you in for a ride? 

It won’t be a documentary quite like what you see on Discovery Channel but I’ve got a couple of images and a video to share to let you in on some of the manufacturing details.

If you’ve read the “About Us” section of our website then you know that all the Outback Motortek accessories are manufactured by my father’s business in Hungary. Him and his business partner launched the business in 1983. After 33 years they’ve grown into a well-established business and now are specializing in medical accessories, auditorium seats manufacturing and of course adventure/dual sport motorcycle accessories.

Did you know that Hungary has deep roots in heavy industries and manufacturing? One of the notable founders of the Hungarian heavy industries is Ganz Abraham who had moved from Switzerland to Budapest in the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1841 to be part of this nourishing country and to make a difference. More than two decades later Ganz ended up being the largest supplier of train wheels that represented the latest technology and innovation for the Empire’s railways. Hungarians are very proud of this and many such achievements and still carry on the traditional and modern heavy industries manufacturing and engineering legacy. My father’s business is not any different. Him and his business partner started their business thanks to their passion for the metal industries and to bring creativity and quality into the scene.

What is that we can offer you, the rider? Do have different-from-competitors products that can make your motorcycle rides more care-free?

That would probably be wiser to see what our customers say about us. Search for Outback Motortek on Google, on motorcycle forums or feel free to read our testimonials here.

But here is how we do things.

product preparation at outback motortek

Not all our machines are fully automated, thus there have to be humans involved in almost all the steps. These fine lads are skilled and experienced workers and laborers. Being that programming and setting up machines or stacking material etc, they are up to the task.


welding at Outback Motortek

Welding is an art and passion. Our guys are so passionate about welding, they actually post photos of their welds on Facebook and Instagram. Did I say passion or obsession?

They also have top notch equipment to perform those great welds with by Miller, ESAB and Fronius. 

welding skid plate at outback motortek

Let’s step into the press machine facility for a couple of minutes to see how skid plates gain their final shape.  FYI, this beast is not a joke. It can produce up to 120 tonnes of pressure! That’s about forty heavy duty pick up trucks stacked upon each other.


Some of the later stages include sandblasting and powder coating. We’ve just recently acquired a brand new powder coating system. 

Finished products are packed really carefully in those wooden crates. I’m very proud of my brother for this, who’s always doing an excellent job making sure these products arrive in North America without a scuff. Packaging 101.

Outback Motortek final products


There are a couple of stages during the manufacturing process that have to pass quality control. Checking for alignment, welds, burrs, powder coating and fitting and the list goes on. Often time it’s done by the company owner/my father. He’s the type of business owner/engineer whom you will barely see sitting in the office. He proudly gets his hands dirty. He’s never admitted it but that’s the conclusion I draw from time to time.



No time for tears. Those products must leave.

Of course, Outback Motortek is still considered a small business but hopefully soon, we’ll fill a truck trailer like this below. Until then, I have to share space with the medical accessories, seat frames and components.


Did you like this little tour behind the scenes? Does it give you more trust in our products? We would love to hear from you!

Stay tuned for more behin-the-scene posts, images and videos.


Lorry Gombos

Founder and owner

Outback Motortek









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