Perhaps the title sounds a tad confusing but let me clarify. I receive all sorts of free products requests by Youtube vloggers that offer ‘big returns” and “bright future”. Yah. Few do.

I liked this guy. I had good feelings about his approach. No sugarcoating, no exaggerating, no BS. Excuse me. He really liked our Africa Twin accessories and really wanted to get rid of his previous crash and engine protection. For “something top notch” as he put it. 

So he went ahead and offered me to purchase the crash bars. But why would he do that? He could easily ask for free products to review. His YouTube channel has 4625 subscribers (10.24.2016). The majority of his videos are high quality, informative ADV motorcycle and accessories reviews. So, why does he still want to go ahead with the purchase, make a proper installation video and post it on YouTube, share it with his subscribers? You can find out in the video below. 

Oh, by the way. Do you speak French?! Merci #eotiel 

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