My last post from behind the scenes have proven to be exceptionally engaging. Why not continue then?

KLR 650 photography by Jeff Gast

Are you a die-hard Kawasaki KLR 650 fan? Then you will probably find this post the most appealing. If you’re not so much into this ever famous dinosaur dual-sport bike then you still might find something interesting to learn about how the Outback Motortek products are made. Fyi, next post seems to be on the design process of the latest Honda adventure bike: the true adventure. Or perhaps you know it by the name of CRF1000L Africa Twin?

Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L gets accessories at Outback Motortek

2016 Honda Africa Twin at Outback Motortek

If you’ve missed out on the first part of behind the scenes, then please click here to catch up on some things.

I’ll admit it: we don’t have all the fancy-dancy, latest technology, state-of-the-art machines but we do have some pretty decent ones and even more decent skilled workers who find pride in their work. Some of the younger guys do post their work on Instagram to brag about it. Generational transition.

Fronius welding machine at Outback Motortek

The latest addition to our shop at Outback Motortek: Fronius welder. Badass!

welders at Outback Motortek

The younger generation of welders enjoy posing in front of the camera.

great welder at Outback Motortek

One of our welders at work. Or welding is more like art?

Just recently I received a couple of videos and images from my brother who’s a quality inspector at the company. What I think of these images and photos does not matter but I’d love to hear your thoughts! Find the video below of our KLR 650 skid plate manufacturing process. I suggest you watch it in full HD by clicking on the little gear symbol. You won’t be disappointed.

As of 03.22.2016, we’ve run out KLR skid plates and crash bars in Canada and the US. On the good note though, a large amount of accessories are on the way! Expected availability is 31 March – 5 April, so roughly two weeks from now. 

The above info was still not to your satisfaction? Read our customers’ testimonials here:

Don’t forget: spring is just around the corner!

Ride safe,

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