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Horizons Unlimited Ontario – This will inspire you

By |2016-05-16T23:37:49-04:00April 14, 2016|Staff Picks|

It was about three and a half years ago that I first bumped into Horizons Unlimited. I had the initial thoughts of riding a motorcycle from Taiwan to Europe. Two up. Sounded crazy. Photo credit: Lorry Gombos/Outback Motortek, Jeff Gast @Jeff Gast Photography and Greg Powell @ A quick search [...]

Why I finally gave in to off-road training

By |2016-03-29T00:38:45-04:00February 4, 2016|Staff Picks|

I'm sure I'm not alone and there must be other riders out there who are not convinced of taking off-road courses, regardless whether they ride dirt bikes or adventure bikes. Most of us are stubborn and think we have it all figured out on our own or just have a [...]

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