It was almost a year ago that despite the harsh early January weather conditions in southern Ontario, I took my beloved “Wee” 650 for a spin.

I’m not usually the one to excitedly test products in -5C/23F but my good friend/winter test pilot Oliver Brokentooth ( was getting ready for his mega Polar Bear Provincial Park visit by the Hudson Bay. On motorcycle.


BrokenTooth DIY face protection

Darn it! I had to undertake this project.

Off we went, equipped with three cameras, my camera assistant buddy Frank and with the hope that we would not freeze our asses off.


Center stands are over-rated

Looking hard enough on Google Earth maps, we managed to find a decent little off-road pocket along the lake. Some steep hill, creek crossing, deep sand riding and…..a large log obstacle to truly demonstrate the gliding ability of the Outback Motortek Langar II. bash plate.


Exercising my puppies

Of course, I couldn’t leave my puppies behind!

Frank and I laid out the track for the filming and began shooting. Little did we know it would last no more than a minute..


How to “unstuck” a stuck bike. What!?

The “Wee” got stuck in the mud and ice and would just sink itself deeper every time the rear tire spun no matter how gentle I was with the throttle. Had to call in Frank from behind the cameras and utilize his manpower.

Now, out of the claws of the ice/mud hole and with less respect to the creek crossing, I dared to give it more throttle coming down the hill and voilà I plowed through this icy obstacle. It was time to rock this showboat!


Now what?

Vstrom skid plate

Nothing but smoothness. I mean the skid plates glides well.

Vstrom bash plate

And carries on.

adventure moto

Splash. Perfect timing by the photographer.


After scraping and beating the skid plate on rocks and logs it was time for something much bigger. Literally.

Suzuki Vstrom 650

Simplicity is its biggest advantage. Suzuki Vstrom 650

The “Master Log”! 450Lbs bike plus rider bashes against the rock hard log is sure a good way to see what kind of impact this bash plate can handle.

skid plate test

Thought it was an appropriate way to test the skid plate. Jump a log!

Thinking, now that this was out of the way and the Outback Motortek Langar II. skid plate had done a great job in different conditions, perhaps I could give it a fly off the log! For the best visual effect, I suggest you watch the video.

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