Building the CRF1000L Africa Twin for Big Adventures!

By |2017-07-31T21:40:41-04:00July 31, 2017|Report|

The title sounds so accurate that I decided to "borrow" it from the video. Not to mention, it's self-explanatory.  The rest is very simple as well. Purchase a (brand new) Honda Africa Twin 1000. Look for some of the best products available, mount them and showcase your new ride.  That's [...]

Customer “attempts” to thrash Tiger 800

By |2017-07-24T15:30:27-04:00July 24, 2017|Report|

You'll not be disappointed. Continue scrolling down.  First ever Triumph Tiger 800 crash bars on the market and end up doing its job!? It makes a great story. Best part: rider is safe and sound but let me quote him on the aftermath of the crash: "Hey Lorry Not sure [...]

What have I done to my Africa Twin?!?!

By |2017-04-14T14:28:51-04:00April 14, 2017|Report|

Something I promised I would do when in 2016 we kicked off the Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin crash and engine guards project. The time has come.  It's not meant to be a teaser, just a gentle warm up for the unexpected. Rarely to never do you see anybody dumping their bikes [...]

Africa Twin Engine Protection 101 – Behind The Scene

By |2017-03-05T18:24:27-05:00March 5, 2017|Report|

It's wide. It's heavy. It's vulnerable. And last but not least it's expensive. One of the first things that gets exposed to potential damage in the event of a crash is your Africa Twin 1000's engine (case). Let me introduce (CRF1000L) Engine Protection 101.  Building engine guards and crash bars is [...]

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