And what better way to kick-start the morning! Social media is not that bad after all.

Flipping through the Outback Motortek Instagram account (@outbackmotortek) 5 a.m. on Tuesday morning and my eyes are still halfway open (or so I think) but I notice something and my brain begins to fully function: a customer testimonial coupled with images of a Triumph Tiger 800 XCX. 

It’s not over, yet. It gets a lot better. I promise. Let me quote:

I’ve waited for 3 years for someone to come up with an aftermarket crash-bar that 1) didn’t look ridiculous & 2) didn’t do more damage to the bike than the crash. Thank you, @outbackmotortek for thinking before you built…and coming up with these beauties!! They will be put to the test, but I’m thinking I will be very happy with their performance. Any other #triumphtiger owners looking for a great upgrade for not a lot of change, check them out!! #everydayanewadventure#freewaysareforsuckers#triumphtiger800xcx #upgrade #crashbars#letyourbikelaydownonceinawhile#linesruinroads #idomyowninstalls “

Gotta love those hashtags, too! 

Now let’s see those photos and be inspired. 

Triumph Tiger 800XCX Crash Bars

Heck yeah! Why would we ruin the look of this beautiful Tiger 800XCX with a butt-ugly, deceiving, honk of metal roll cage? No, we would not do that. Keep one thing in mind when it comes to crash bars (and other things in life): Less is often more.

Triumph Tiger 800XCX Crash Bars

No surprises here: we use a real solid 27mm diameter tubing with 2mm wall thickness.

Triumph Tiger 800XCX Crash Bars 

Our crash bars go high enough without losing sturdiness. Remember what I said about less is more? Don’t be fooled by the overly flexible crash bars designs that “promise” to protect “everything”. Another thing to consider is centre of gravity…

Triumph Tiger 800XCX Crash Bars

And the result is…

Don’t forget: our Triumph Tiger 800 crash bars have already proven themselves. Have you seen this video below??

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