Outback Survival – Call us before going wild

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Motorcycle overlanding and incidental stranding is very common. From normal camping experiences to broken bike initiated overnights, reliability on skill alone cannot replace having the right ‘kit’. I can recall how many times during our Central Asian moto journey did I wish I would have had the right equipment for camping. Educated by [...]

The Baja Rally made it to Japan – BigTank Magazine

By |2016-10-23T22:56:16-04:00October 23, 2016|Report|

I bet most of you have never heard of BigTank. It's not just any Big Tank, it's the online magazine for rally and long distance riders in Japan. I've always had some sort of attraction to exotic and unique things. One of them is Japan, its culture and its people. Not [...]

Bigger, better, faster – Baja Rally 2016

By |2016-10-06T22:21:46-04:00October 6, 2016|Report|

"It's the closest thing to the Dakar Rally on the American continent" says the intro on the Baja Rally official website. Judging by the superb photos and videos, it's entirely true. Photo and video credit: The majority of the adventure and dual-sport riders' community gets really excited about offroad rally bikes [...]

Honda CRF1000L takes on Baja Rally 2016

By |2016-09-30T21:25:26-04:00September 30, 2016|Report|

I guess it was inevitable. A dual-sport bike that carries a lot of weight on its "shoulder" must carry on with the rally tradition.  Lawrence Hacking - Paris-Dakar Rally finisher from Canada - believes so, too. Big fan and advocate of Baja Rally himself, Lawrence wanted to take on yet another [...]

Outback Motortek has been reviewed by the biggest

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Quite literally! BMW MOA Owners News has been around for decades and their popularity is unquestionable. Photos by Jeff Gast Photography, Kinga Tanajewska (, Mark Carrera and BMW MOA  In 2015, we attended the Horizons Unlimited Ontario event as vendors and presenters. Our outdoor booth was across a bunch of cabins where [...]

BMW Motorrad Days Canada

By |2016-08-17T14:03:09-04:00August 17, 2016|Report|

In 2015, the BMW Motorrad Days hosted the GS Challenge final. This year there are other reasons to join and it won't be less exciting judging by the program book. Photo credit: BMW Motorrad BMW Motorrad is an annual world-wide event. Lucky for us at Outback Motortek, this year's Canadian [...]

Legend returns to Dakar – Honda Africa Twin 1000

By |2016-08-06T22:32:31-04:00August 6, 2016|Report|

There's nothing misleading about the title. Supposedly the first Honda Africa Twin 1000 is making its way back to its legendary roots: the western African country's capital, Dakar.  The first Honda Africa Twin was built in homage to the giant desert racers of the Paris-Dakar Rally. Long story short, it [...]

Adventure ride from top to bottom – Alaskentina

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Alaskentina. A very catchy name for a ride that was the idea of three young Canadian lads riding from the top of Canada/US to Tierra del Fuego in South America.   I know what you may be thinking. A lot of people have done this journey on motorcycle. So, what's [...]

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