It’s wide. It’s heavy. It’s vulnerable. And last but not least it’s expensive. One of the first things that gets exposed to potential damage in the event of a crash is your Africa Twin 1000’s engine (case). Let me introduce (CRF1000L) Engine Protection 101. 

Building engine guards and crash bars is as simple as that, some people might think. “Bend a couple of tubes, weld on some tabs and bolt ’em on”. Technically yes but the reality is far from it. As a matter of fact one could end up with more damage on their bikes with tacky, makeshift protection-like accessories.

Our Honda Africa Twin 1000 crash bars have proven themselves in all sorts of scenarios. Protect and not just pretend to protect. If you have not seen these crashes, then you should immediately go to our YouTube Channel here.  

The very first project – a.k.a. crash bars – was a major a step towards our success with the Africa Twin 1000 accessories and now it’s time to build on that foundation. 

Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L engine protection guards

Right off the bat, you can see that it’s more than just an engine guard. The 27mm diameter reinforcement bar ties the engine guard and the crash bars together, increasing the strength of the overall system. This design allows for even large impacts to be distributed throughout the entire system, minimizing damage to the bike’s engine, frame and other vital components.

Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L engine protection guards

The engine guards are secured entirely onto the frame using 4 and 5mm steel tabs, knowing that the engine cases are the most exposed in all tip-overs, we designed these for maximum strength. 

Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L engine protection guards


Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L engine protection guards


Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L engine protection guards

Behind the scene video? Right here below! 

Enough of the talk though. Soon I’ll let the actions speak for themselves: crash test. Outback Motortek style. 

Important note: our engine guards will be available in Canada by the end of March, 2017, early April in the U.S. and Australia and mid-March in Europe. 

Canadian online and brick and mortar store: 

Dualsport Plus
581 West St
Brantford, Ontario
Canada, N3R 7C5

Phone: 519-720-1116

Australian online and brick and mortar store:

Adventure Moto Australia

Unit 1/915 Old Northern Road, Dural NSW 2158

Phone: 02 9651 3355

US online store:

Phone: 1 877 931 3636 (Extension #2)

European online store: 


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