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First ever Triumph Tiger 800 crash bars on the market and end up doing its job!? It makes a great story. Best part: rider is safe and sound but let me quote him on the aftermath of the crash:

“Hey Lorry

Not sure if you want a photo of the aftermath of me washing the front wheel out on a rocky hill.  Unfortunately I didn’t have anything to take a pic of the Tiger napping.  I will say the bars stopped a hole being put into the engine case.  The dent shows what would have happened if they were not there.”

And he added:

“Sorry the photos don’t do justice for what I believe the protection the bars provided.  The bars took a dent the size of a golf ball in front of the engine casing.  A few scratches on the bars and NO other damage.” 

Thank you, Dave and let’s see the mess this off-roading has resulted in.


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