I bet most of you have never heard of BigTank. It’s not just any Big Tank, it’s the online magazine for rally and long distance riders in Japan.

I’ve always had some sort of attraction to exotic and unique things. One of them is Japan, its culture and its people. Not so long ago, I had the chance to work with Japanese and experience their attitude towards life and profession. Certainly, there’s an exotic touch to everything they do. 

One of those things is BigTank magazine from one of the most populated islands in the world. Lawrence Hacking (Baja Rally ADV class winner on a Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin) brought this to my attention and since then I’ve been hooked. Even though I can’t read or understand Japanese. Weird, eh? Not so much when you check out the photography. Just absolute stunning! 

The latest and greatest is a short article about the Baja Rally  . Click here

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