I‘m not referring to his size. No. Mark from Outback Motortek US is a member of the GS Giants adventure and dual-sport motorcycle group. 

It’s not everyday that my small but growing business introduces a new “family” member. Mark is a former customer of Outback Motortek. He had kept coming back for more and more products to outfit his BMW F800GS. Eventually he began showing interest in the business side of Outback Motortek. 

Outback Motortek US East

After spending quite a few ADV rallies and meetings together, he decided to help Outback Motortek providing proper representation in the USA, more specifically on the east coast. It has by now grown into a franchise system, warehousing and stocking Outback Motortek products at Mark’s house in Virginia. Humble beginnings indeed but nevertheless, we’re proud to serve the dual sport and adventure motorcycle community in the USA with dedicated representation on the east coast and of course by our US distributor MX1West

Outback Motortek US

Despite having only worked with Mark in the past 2-3 months, he’s already done some great work promoting Outback Motortek and its products. I helped Mark with his first exhibition at the ADVMoto Rally in Romney, WV. Not too much later, he was setting up his impressive Outback Motortek booth/trailer at the Horizons Unlimited traveler’s meeting in North Carolina (Iron Horse MC Campground) and just recently he showcased our products at Morton’s BMW open house. 

Outback Motortek US

Our toll free number is live and we’re ready to answer all your bike and accessories related questions at 1 877 931 3636 . If you end up chatting with Mark, don’t be surprised to learn a lot from him about riding all across the country, discovering some pretty hidden ADV gems out east or even in the backcountry of Arizona. The guy has done it all. To say the least he’s a seasoned adventure riding veteran. 

A few words from the man himself: “I began riding dirt bikes at 14, got my first scare at 14.5 when I hopped into a Maico 450 MX bike, rode the wheel through a barbed wire fence, crashed in a cow pasture, been addicted to riding motorcycles ever since. As a young man I would pack a sleeping bag, camping pad, food, and the bar essentials while exploring areas such as the Kootney mountains in BC, the Snoquamish Mountains in Washington state, the deserts in California, and the Four Corners area of the South West. 

Currently, I have regenerated my moto-spirit through the ADV moto world. Back in 2011 I purchased a very worn 2007 F650GS ‘thumper’  that has led to the F800GS that I ride today. As a dedicated enthusiast I toured as much as possible over the past five years of riding, and put on something like 35-48K per year! Some of the more interesting places I have ridden, off road, include the Costa Rican jungle, the western side of Newfoundland, Maine North Woods, and along the Mexican boarder in Arizona. 

I’ve also turned my passion into a lifestyle. I am the current sponsorship coordinator for the GS Giants–a dedicated offroad oriented club. I have written several gear reviews for the BMW MOA magazine and I recently became the Eastern USA representative. Its been a fast-n-wild re-introduction to motorcycling, but an extremely rewarding one.”

To head straight to our US online store click here: Outback Motortek US online store 

Outback Motortek US East

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