Horizons Unlimited Ontario meeting will take place for the 5th time in its history. The location has just been confirmed and Camp Tamarack in Bracebridge is the winner from 9-12 June, 2016 venue.

Horizons Unlimited meetings are known all around the world among long distance riders or RTW fanatics. Want to learn about how to prepare for border crossings, how to pack efficiently, what kind of bike to take etc. on your next big adventure ride? Come to the Horizons Unlimited meeting to learn more and be inspired!

As for Outback Motortek, Kelli and I will present our Central Asian adventures and will set up our Outback Motortek booth to showcase our products. Make sure to drop by for a chat.

More details coming soon! Check out some of the photos from the 2015 event below. Photos by: Jeff Gast.

traveling on motorcycle

The simple way of living and traveling. Learn this art at Horizons Unlimited.

adventure travels

Quiet locations “up north”

KLR camping

KLR rider sets up camp at the meeting

overland presentation

Presentation under way


Life is beautiful. Go with the flow and smile.

share your adventure

These folks discuss traveling plans and accessories. There’s lots to share.

wild camping

Less is sometimes more.


Quebec ADV represents

adventure accessories

Lots of vendors to join.

Honda Canada

Honda Canada to join again in 2016

adventure motorcycle

New or older adventures are both welcome.

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