While it’s an exciting news overall, there’s something else as to be stoked about. 

Photo credit: Itchy Boots

Itchy Boots is likely one of the most popular “YouTube influencers” on two wheels. You may ask why? She doesn’t push brands and sponsors on her viewers. It’s pretty much all organic. 

Then how do we come into the picture? Our brand had been brought to her attention by enough people and she decided to reach out to us to purchase our products. Yes, purchase. 

We had announced the development of our Honda CRF300Rally products in June and by October we were ready to launch sales. More or less at the same time we released our Honda CRF300Rally crash bars drop test video. (Link here). 

Coincidentally right after it, we received an email from Noraly. We were honoured by her approaching us. She’s done so much for the adventure motorcycle community through her inspiring videos and stories. The least we could do is help her out with our products and with lighting speed we shipped a box to the Netherlands where her bike was being prepared for her journey on the American continent. 

In the video link she introduces her new motorcycles and she mentions Alaska’s (name of her CRF300Rally) armour brand: Outback Motortek! 

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