This is the last push to nail down the final design of our aluminum panniers. We’d appreciate your input!

The idea of producing aluminum panniers surfaced late 2019. Many things have happened until now. Some discouraging moments, but it’s been mostly supportive. We got to a point where Mosko Moto agreed to a meeting with us to fine tune some details. We’ll also get to utilize their mounting system! More further below. 

Firstly though, we’d like to ask you to consider filling out this short online survey: Outback Motortek Panniers Feedback (Click/Tap on the orange text)

The longest period was to design and develop the features we thought of. There were plenty of new ideas we wanted to see on the first samples.

The first samples were made in the Czech Republic. Whether that’ll be the place of production is still unknown. 

The die tool to bend the the aluminum sheet was made in the most economical way for prototyping before committing to the manufacturing. 

It was great to see the boxes picking up shape finally! 

First we picked a sand colour to powder coat a set of panniers, but it came out sort of “wild”. What do you think?

The latch is made from scratch in house using stainless steel material. 

Ready for welding! The joints lined up properly. 

Inbetween fine tuning some details we also had time to drop by Mosko Moto for some brainstorming. 

We went through a LOT of brainstorming about how to expand the storage and utilize certain parts of the panniers. 

Extended speed pin! This will allow customers to put a padlock on when they leave their bikes unattended for a period of time. 

Then we’ve got to the point of summing up the final changes! The video was recorded prior to a very successful test ride in Baja. This trip allowed us to experience what it’s like to “live with the box” on the road such as packing in and out for camping, off-roading, city riding, rain and sand exposure etc. 

Stay tuned for more videos post Baja ride. The boxes are not shiny any more! 

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