Africa Twin 1000 crashes – Third one is outrageous

By |2016-10-04T18:56:30-04:00October 4, 2016|Review|

It was inevitable. Why would it have been different for the new Honda CRF1000L? Crashes happen to most riders on these oversized dirt bikes. I must thank the folks who submitted these action shots and permitted me to re-post it. Kudos! There's not much else for me to say. Videos will speak [...]

F800GS customer testimonials

By |2016-05-16T23:45:54-04:00February 18, 2016|Review|

Two of our customers went the extra mile and proudly showed off their newly outfitted BMW F800GS models. Not everyone's into writing reviews, testimonials and snapping photos and actually take their time to email them to me. Some will though and that's what has happened twice this month so far! In [...]

Featured Combo Package: Suzuki Vstrom Bronze Level combo

By |2016-05-17T00:15:39-04:00February 5, 2016|Review|

I can't deny it: combo packages are a hot commodity. For our customers it saves money and the headache on trying to fit different brands and products on their motorcycles. Folks email us on the daily basis whether their "XYZ" brand crash bar will fit the Outback Motortek skid plate or [...]

My experiences with soft vs. hard luggage – Part 2.

By |2016-03-29T00:42:44-04:00January 31, 2016|Review, Video|

Soft luggage systems are becoming really popular for a number of reasons. And there's more to it than just being light.Photos by: The Brokentooth Project, Green Chile Adventure Gear, Outback MotortekThere's no such thing as one size fits all. Therefore the hard luggage crowd that used to rule the adventure [...]

5 things you can benefit from buying our skid plates

By |2016-03-29T00:58:30-04:00January 6, 2016|Review|

Mounting skid plate on your adventure or dual-sport bikes should not take much convincing but making the right choice can save you from a lot of headache down the road. We off-road and adventure riders buy skid plates for one reason: to protect the heart of our motorcycles no matter what [...]

Outback Motortek BMW GS Skid plate features in Motorcycle Mojo

By |2016-03-29T01:05:29-04:00January 1, 2016|Report, Review|

Motorcycle Mojo's 2016 January/February editions features the Outback Motortek skid plate for BMW F700/800GS models. The F800GS is the second most popular model in BMW motorcycle line up and that should come as no surprise. This "all-terrain" adventure bike features amazing off-road and touring features, especially when outfitted with the [...]

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