Mounting skid plate on your adventure or dual-sport bikes should not take much convincing but making the right choice can save you from a lot of headache down the road.

We off-road and adventure riders buy skid plates for one reason: to protect the heart of our motorcycles no matter what the road less traveled throws at it. Damaging your engine or its components could mean to fail to have fun while riding. No one wants that. On the serious note, it means thousands of dollars wasted for repairs.


In medias res, let’s cut to the chase! Here are the five benefits for you buying Outback Motortek skid plates.

1. Made of one single piece – These bad boys are NOT welded together like a puzzle from various pieces. We use a high precision laser cutting machine to cut from entirely one single sheet and our sheet metal bending tools are custom made for each skid plate to remain precise throughout the manufacturing process. The only exceptions to this are the F700/800GS and Vstrom skid plates where in order to avoid the boxy design, we had to cut out the bottom front corners and weld in corresponding piece.

2. Uniquely designed vent system – Why cut any design elements into a bash plate is just beyond me. This will result in a weakened structure. Unless, you only need a decorative skid plate on your bike. As for our bash plates, no unnecessary holes were designed. As a result, your bike’s engine will less likely to overheat when mud and all sorts of debris from off-roading fly at it and get stuck between the skid plate and the engine/exhaust header, yet it remains structurally tough.


3. True off-road and adventure shape – What does that even mean?? It means we have experience in building top-notch bash plates. We avoid designing skid plates that are shaped like boxes, have sharp edges and corners and guaranteed to restrict your rides off road. Ours are more, per se, aerodynamic and will glide over and gently bounce off any object on your favorite trails.


4. Embossed Ribs – I believe this is our signature feature among other skid plates. The idea behind this feature is to increase the strength without additional weight. During the manufacturing process these ribs are embossed by a 200 tonne pressing machine, thus the cross-section of the material increases from 4mm to about 9mm. This process will not increase the thickness but the structural strength. Twice! Also, these embossed ribs act as gliders. Off-road and adventure ready!


5. Mounting hardware – Our mounting tabs or pieces are made of 5mm thick steel. In case of a huge impact on the skid plate, these steel mounts are the last safeguard for your engine and its components. Tough as a tank!



That’s it folks. Hope this little blog has shed some light on this topic and helps you decide which skid plate to purchase next. It’s your call to contact us: 1 877 931 6363



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