KTM are not known to copy other manufacturers’ design. They simply create their own sharp, edgy, sporty and aggressive look to stand out the crowd.

This alone however won’t make this bike extraterrestrial. It’s the straight-off-the-racetrack, especially Dakar Rally features that pop.

We haven’t had to chance to give our KTM 790R Adventure a good workout (only 350kms on the clock riding it for a week!). However, our friends at Upshift Online recently participated in the KTM 790R and S Adventure media launch in Morocco that also featured KTM factory racers Chris Birch and Toby Price

If you want to know more about how the new 790R Adventures handles rocky and sandy terrain, then read upon it in the latest issue of UpShift online here. Or simply just watch their awesome video from the event of riding the 790R in Morocco for a few days.

Simon Cudby from Upshift Online sums up the bike very well and now you get the picture: the new KTM 790R Adventure is extremely capable of handling challenging terrain even for expert riders. 

We won’t attempt to ride mountain-like sand dunes or crawling over boulders but we’ll certainly attempt to develop parts that will protect this new bike such as skid plate and hopefully crash bars. We know this motorcycle will serve for the majority of 790R/S owners as a travel bike on overland trips or even around the world expeditions, hence we have plans to develop a set of multifunctional X-Frame pannier racks and rear luggage racks both with RotoPax fuel storage compatibility. 

We’ve had some gorgeous photos taken of our 790R and we’re stoked to share them with you below.

Stay tuned as development will soon begin! 

KTM 790R Adventure at Outback Motortek

KTM 790R Adventure at Outback Motortek

KTM 790R Adventure at Outback Motortek

KTM 790R Adventure at Outback Motortek

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