Have you never heard of Traction eRag? Then you should sign up immediately if you like everything offroading. Sure there are other online off-road and adventure magazines but this is FREE and it truly refreshing and unique.

The latest issue is gets even better! This time Traction eRag features the awesome Green Chile Adventure Gear via Outback Motortek, the Canadian partner for Green Chile.


Traction eRag – Free off-road magazine from Canada

Not only was the review the longest and most detailed we’ve ever seen but you can also find out why the author/tester instantly fell in love with the most versatile luggage system – the Uprising Soft Rack – in the world.

KLR 650

The BrokenTooth Project on a KLR near Polar Bear Provincial Park

Read it here: http://www.tractionerag.ca/december2015/index.html?utm_source=Traction+eRag+December+2015&utm_campaign=July+2015+Traction+Release&utm_medium=email

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