You might have seen our previous website. Well, we decided that you, the visitor, deserve a cleaner, more informative website/online store, therefore we had the old site torn down to the ground and have had a new one built. It’s been no small project but we certainly hope you like (love?) the result!


Crossing a creek on a Vstrom 650 in northern Ontario

  Our goal is constantly improving everything regarding Outback Motortek. This goes way beyond just making great farkles for your adventure bike.


Man and his “best friend”


Same old, same old – Outback Motortek will not change. Just as we’ve done so far, we will continue being part of the adventure bike community by supporting non-profit organizations, events and sponsor those riders that bring something new and inspiring. It’s all about helping each other hit the road with confidence and cross states, provinces, borders and continents!

Pamir Highway on a Vstrom

We made it to the top of the Pamir Highway in Tajikistan

Last but not least, making outstanding products will always be one of our priorities to make your adventure as stress-free as it can be.


BMW F800GS full fairing protection by Outback Motortek

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