Most people have heard about this off-road beast by now. Very few understand the legacy it has to carry on. The new Africa Twin has been resurrected and is making waves. Serious waves.

Update: the Outback Motortek Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin products are now available in our online stores: Outback Motortek Shop or We ship from three different locations: Canada (Pickering, ON), U.S.A. (Virginia and California) and Europe (Hungary). 

How could we have ignored all this? There are thousands of people who are (im)patiently waiting for the CRF1000L to arrive in North America.

I’m not going to go into details on this bike. You can read dozens of test rides, watch promo videos or chat on forums with people who already own/test ridden the Africa Twin.

To get straight to the point, we’ll be working on the basic and most essential protection for the Africa Twin. As it has been our focus to provide you, the rider, with unique, well-thought out products that really protect and not just pretend to protect. You can expect the following from Outback Motortek:

#1 Crash guards/engine guards/crash bars – There are all sort of names for this protective armor. It will be tough, compact and will rely on multiple mounting points. We’ll continue using 27mm diameter, high-tensile tubing with 2mm wall thickness. Our design will be absolutely different from the Honda factory “guards” that they actually call “light bars” to mount auxiliary lights on. Using some of those mounting points will not be an option for us to engineer an absolute bomber set of crash guards.

#2 Skid Plate/bash plate/sump guard – Same as above. All sorts of names for this accessory with one mutual purpose: to provide proper protection for the engine and its components. We’ll be building a bash plate that will feature exhaust header, oil pan and oil filter protection. We’re sticking to the 4mm thick skid plate. It is thanks to the increased cross-section (ribs) on the bottom of our skid plates that can withstand forces better than on a 5 or 6mm thick skid plate. Guess where the largest impact comes from? Yup, from underneath the bike and the new AT is a “heavy-weight” champion at 503lbs curb weight, so why add more weight to it?!


Furthermore, the no or minimal vent holes policy will apply to this accessory from Outback Motortek. Let me ask you. Do you want a skid plate with dozens of holes to weaken the structure or one that’s built solid and you can truly trust to bash up? Do you think cooling is an issue with the lack of vent holes? We believe it’s much worse when those vent holes let mud and debris through to build up around the exhaust headers and engine. Now, it will guarantee to heat up.


#3 Rear luggage rack – We’ve had quite the success with our F800GS rear rack. It was designed to carry luggage well and not just to look well. Nothing new here for the AT either: 5mm thick platform with generously sized luggage mounting holes, RotoPax mounting hole pre laser cut and all this topped by sandblasted and powder coated rugged surface. It’s an adventure bike after all!


Depending on the amount of interest and feedback we’ll receive, there could be a center stand and kickstand enlarger in the making. Do you want to be part of the development? Help us with filling out a survey below.


Outback Motortek will offer combo packages for the Africa Twin CRF 1000L models, as well and it comes with a decent discount.

A combo package of the above farkles can be yours about 15% less than buying each parts individually. I can top this with group discounts on combo packages as it has happened previously to riders calling in or emailing to order for themselves and their buddies in the same time. Feel free to contact for more info on such deals at our toll free # 1 877 931 3636 or email at [email protected] .

What allows us to be so flexible with the pricing and keep them affordable? We do not work with retailers or distributors who typically markup a product by 50-100% over the manufacturer’s original price. Our only distribution partner is in the US, the Green Chile Adventure Gear guys. They handle fulfillment warehousing and product representing within the country and that’s about it. In Canada and Europe it’s all done by Outback Motortek and all help comes from within my family.

We’re anticipating availability of these farkles in Canada and the US around June or July 2016.

Sign up for our newsletter to be notified on the CRF1000L Outback Motortek farkles development. Soon we’re going to have photos and 3D designs of these accessories. In the meanwhile, we’d love to hear from you by filling out this survey regarding the new Africa Twin 1000 protective accessories and Outback Motortek in general: Africa Twin Farkles Survey

Cheers and ride safe!

Lorry Gombos

Founder and owner

Outback Motortek

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