And I mean it literally! Riding a first generation KLR 650 deep into the Polar Bear Provincial park near the Hudson Bay. In February. Oliver Solaro, a.k.a. Brokentooth has done it.

Oliver is not just a random guy I picked off the internet to blab about. Oliver is my friend and a fellow dual-sport rider. He’s not the typical adventure rider. Why? Check out the video below of his latest stunt, riding farther into northern Ontario and Manitba than anyone else before on a motorcycle. Again, in February!

I’ve posted about Oliver’s previous insane northern wandering but if you missed it, here are his Youtube videos that we’ll make you feel chilled even on the hottest days of the year.

Make sure to visit Oliver’s homepage for more winter riding silliness and such at or give him a “like” on Facebook at .

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