The series continues! Fortunately there are trails to put knobby tires on in Europe. For the time being..
Photos: Outback Motortek

The fourth series was shot under special circumstances due to the ever-threatening lockdown announcements in France appearing left and right. To make things worse the weather leading up to the day of the shooting was absolutely discouraging! Windy, chilly and overcast giving us very little desire to put our camera equipment to work. 

Then the day arrived and we hit the trails while it was still pitch black. We could only hope that something unexceptional would happen and we’ll be showered by the rising sun.

Guess what? The sky began to open up…

The excitement was through the roof. Or the sky. The cameras started firing up! 

Episode #4 features two best friends on two Husqvarna 701 Enduros: Jeremy and Vincent. Having known Jeremy for about two years thanks to Instagram, I knew well what I had signed up for. These two fellows know their local trails like the back of their hands and some more. 

Without giving away too much and killing the excitement… Let me present you Episode #4 of On My Trail: Beyond Baguettes 

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