That colour combo is beyond everyone’s expectation. We got blown away too!
Photos: Jens Kuck –

Seemingly everyone who puts their hands on a Yamaha Tenere 700 these days ends up changing the look. Not entirely completely but to an extent. Some rather drastically. The modifications can range from just a new graphics decal kit to pretty much everything that will keep the T7 street legal!

Our products have been involved in countless of these modifications and we’ve seen plenty of it on the internet or customers have just emailed us photos of their face-lifted Tenere 700s. 

This bike is already becoming a legendary addition to the dual sport market. If you don’t yet know why, then you should check the forums or YouTube reviews where people rave about the smooth and extremely reliable engine, the minimalist approach on every square inch, not to mention the overall design of the bike. Yamaha did hit a home run! 

This brings us to a very unique, almost wild conversion inspired by a German car tuning company’s crown jewel. Before we proceed to the video I’d like to clarify two things:

  • Check the photos first – Our German/Austrian dealer, BikesPeak ( contributed with our full crash bars combo as well as our skid plate. 
  • The video is in German only – Regardless, you can see some gorgeous details of the bike in comparison with that infamous car!

There are plenty of other mods via CamelADV, BarkBusters and TripleClamp but overall the graphics kit and the crash bars colour combo which make this Tenere 700 stand out so much. 


And finally the video! Please click on the image below.

One thought on “A WILD Yamaha Tenere 700 conversion

  1. Gabriel says:

    Wow … that is a nice color combo, I now feel I need to pimp-up mine 🙂

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