Not even in our wildest dreams did we ever think of something like this, but it’s happening.

The Seeker aka Pol Tarres, the guy who makes a Yamaha Tenere 700 look like a trials bike despite its mere 200kg+ weight. If you haven’t seen the short film, yet then please do so first!

His riding skills on big adventure/dual-sport bikes are beyond what we’ve ever seen. Perhaps Chris Birch had entertained us the most until this film came out but Pol Tarres leaves us speechless and with our jaws still on the floor. The tricks he pulls off seem rather extraterrestrial! 

A few months ago a phone call from the director of Seeker 1 (The WHO project) made us pause and sit down to digest the news: they were interested in partnering with us for 2021. What do we have to offer though? 

As you could see yourself, Pol rides the Tenere 700 like it’s a dirt bike or a trials bike or the combination of both. Sufficient protection is key for keeping his Tenere 700 intact. The Seeker 1 featured the OEM Yamaha crash bars and skid plate but those accessories can be trumped. We’re flattered to say the least that Pol and the crew believe that our crash bars and skid plate can and will do a better job. 

As it stands, our crash bars are up to the job. We tested it and we’ve seen them (brutally) tested by customers! 

The skid plate on the other hand needs to be updated (for extreme use). Pol says he relies on the bottom of the skid plate the most as he lands on rocks and boulders, just like trials riders do. For this we need to increase the thickness of our skid plate and add an full rear suspension linkage protection. 

The photos of the installation you’ll see below only feature of our crash bars on one of the Tenere 700s Pol will ride with this year as an official Yamaha ambassador. 

Having the chance to meet Pol in person and installing the first set of crash bars was the biggest gift! The impression he left on us as a person is beyond amazing: he’s just a humble, down to earth fella who enjoys being social and everything related to motorcycles. 

Stay tuned for the next post of presenting the full protection combo and a short film about the first “product testing”. 

3 thoughts on “Pol Tarres, the star of Seeker 1 rides with Outback Motortek

  1. Czarek says:

    The engine plate for the new Tenere will fit?

  2. Richard Carr says:

    I have re purposed my rear foot pegs to hwy. Pegs. The brackets I made also serve to strengthen the skid plate mounting and offer some engine protection. The rear pegs also have the ability to stay in the up position.
    Unfortunately I do not have your crash bars or skid plate, at this time. Thought you might be interested since you’re redesigning you skid plate and I really enjoy the pegs on long rides.

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