Some things became obvious the moment our KTM 790R Adventure got delivered. This bike needs serious protection to match its off-road capabilities. 

Hence the shock when we first put our hands on the OEM “skid plate” which resembles the strength of a tuna can and still partially engine mounted. Yikes! 

Anyhow, we began brainstorming, looking at mounting points for our skid plate and the conclusion was that we needed to create an unusual structure to support the skid plate. This led to a tank/engine guard idea made up of 22mm diameter tubing that would connect two points of the 790R’s frame, thus providing a strong foundation for our skid plate. Away from the engine. 

In order to give you a better idea of what I’m describing here, I created a video explaining the crash bars and skid plate development project in depth. Video link is below and below the video link, there are a few high resolution photos showcasing both protection combos. 

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4 thoughts on “KTM 790R Adventure Protection – Update

  1. my1090r says:

    Hello Lorry,

    Very nice job! Looks like it’s part of the OEM design.
    Any chance a third version without crash bars would be available. I am really excited to get the new 790 into some tight situations and feel the tanks already stick out too far.

  2. MadMike83 says:

    Looks best what is now on the market. Just looks little bit open on the sides from the front. I ride also at the tracks so I am interesting how it is different from plastic cover when you want maximum angle in turns. Good job. Mike

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