It wasn’t a daily stunt. More like a once in a blue moon situation. We attempted to wreck two bikes in the same time but something(s) got in the way.

And that thing or things have become a necessity for motorcycles but typically adventure and dual-sport motorcycles.

Crash bars.

That’s what we specialize in and have been for the past five years. It’s not like we don’t manufacture other accessories but crash bars have been our favourite subject to work on and test. Or torture. Lately the latter.

Without dragging this epic event out too long, I’ll jump right into it. We decided to carry on with our tradition of testing crash bars and this time we did so with two awesome bikes: BMW R1200GS Rally and Yamaha XT1200 Super Tenere.

The last crash bars test was done nearly two years ago which saw my brand new Honda Africa Twin CRF1000L sampling the ground or would have, had it not been for our crash bars combo!

We’ve learned a lot from that test and are goal this time was to definitely surpass everything we did with the Africa Twin.

This led us to the most heartbreaking, most outrageous and most extensive crash bars torture tests we have performed up to date. You’ve been warned!

YouTube video links are below. Click on them and hit play but prepare refreshments and popcorn.

FYI, in case you want to see high resolution still images of the test, scroll further down.

Links to our European and US online stores:  (Please note: R1250GS products are in development)





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