KTM says it’s “Ready to Race” but we’re not concerned about it. We’re now officially in the finish line of releasing our products designed to help your adventures. 

There’s no doubt that KTM listened to its fans when they/we demanded an off-road capable travel bike that’s not for giants only, such as the 1090 or 1290R Adventure models to simply put. The 790 Adventure R is just that bike many of us have asked for and sales are going accordingly! 

Anyhow, we got the motorcycle we desired but it’s just a plain bike that will need some accessories in order to take us on multi-day, multi-week or for those lucky ones even a year long round the world trip. 

Accordingly, we’ve developed products that will complement the KTM 790 Adventure such as:

Crash bars: to replace the original KTM plastic fuel tank shield and to create a cradle base for the skid plate. Our crash bars will also serve as a platform for fog lights. Very important to note that our crash bars mount directly on the frame and not the engine. 

Skid plate: it replaces the original KTM 2mm thin, engine mounted skid plate. Ours is a major improvement with its 4mm thickness and the fact that it mounts on the crash bars only! Our skid plate will offer extended protection for the exhaust system. 

Pannier racks: We’re offering two variations to haul your luggage. Option A is our standard pannier racks. It works great with Mosko Moto panniers and many other soft pannier brands. Option B is the X-Frame edition with Rotopax carrying features as well as compatibility with Kriega OS-22 and OS-32 panniers without the OS-Platform. 

Centre stand: its main job is to facilitate maintenance and parking in tight spaces. If you do your bike maintenance, such as lubing the chain, removing the wheels for changing tires, then this product will come very handy.

Garage is already tight but you want to squeeze in your 790 Adventure? Our centre stand will keep your bike in a fully vertical position in order to take up less space. 

Rear luggage rack: additional “real estate” to tie luggage or tent  behind the passenger. It’s a small size platform but a “must have” item on any adventure bike. 

What’s next? We’re dealing with an overwhelming amount of demand for our KTM 790 Adventure accessories. That’s the good news!

“What’s bad?”, one would ask.

Not much. It’s taken us a while to get ready for manufacturing. We made few changes to our products’ design up to late September but finally all parts are in production. The current high demand will probably soak up the first few batches but as time goes on, we will be able to respond to the demand in a timely manner. 

All in all, we believe we’ve created a very good package to get your KTM 790 Adventure “Ready for Adventures”.

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