No, it’s an alternative that would cost you an arm and leg. We simply created a system no other manufacturer has managed before.

First and foremost, I must say thank you to our Czech, Slovakian, Polish dealer Radek Fiala a.k.a. Motorkaruv Pruvodce for putting me on the right track with this invention. 

Now about this mysterious system: Rotopax 1 gallon or 3.8 litre fuel canister. That’s not it though! It’s easy to mount a Rotopax fuel storage on the bike but we’ve tackled this challenge differently. We designed the X-Frame pannier racks a couple of years ago with Adventure Moto Australia to offer a multifunctional set of pannier racks. The initial design was good but it’s gone through small changes. Early 2019 we began testing a completely new X-Frame system developed by Outback Motortek. 

This system we’re introducing in 2020 is even more flexible than the previous versions, since the Rotopax (“X” shaped) mounting bracket is shiftable horizontally and can be fixed in different positions to accommodate Rotopax cans or different tool boxes. I must also mention that we’re working on and soon will be introducing our own tool box

There’ll be another blog post explaining the fitment of Rotopax cans with our new X-Frame pannier racks on certain bikes such as Honda CRF1100L, BMW R1200GS, BMW R1250GS, BMW F850GS, Yamaha Super Tenere 1200. 

Kudos to Mosko Moto for helping us out with the Backcountry 35L panniers. 

How about the Yamaha Tenere 700, the main topic of this post? Well, there you have it below:

One thought on “Fuel Range Extended – Yamaha Tenere 700

  1. Robert Smyth says:

    Looking forward to installing many of your products on my Tenere this spring in Canada. I live close to Dualsport Plus who carry your products.


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