Some prefer bare bone, stock bikes. Most want add ons. The two Yamaha Tenere 700s which showed up at our Czech dealer (Also SK and PL). were in for some makeover! 

So, I just happened arrive in Prague to visit Motorkaruv Pruvodce, our amazing dealer and in the same time a large shipment from Outback Motortek also had just arrived. Cool coincidence. Radek Fiala, the owner of the company then presented me with a surprise: “Hey Lorry. Two customers with Yamaha Tenere 700s are coming to our shop and they had asked you to outfit their bikes!”. 

That came as a surprise. I was flattered nonetheless! I love working on motorcycles, especially when I get the chance to fit our own products. 

Fast forward by skipping a few hours and I found myself in their humble yet amazing motorcycle garage. Radek’s mechanic – Tomas – was just working on a bike but dropped his tools to greet me in Czech “Ahoy!” Radek and I then began to unwrap some cool products in order to prepare for the arrival of two brand new Yamaha Tenere 700s. I knew nothing else but that I had a job to complete the installation. 

Radek fired up his DSLR while I was getting the tools sorted for the job. Then the first bike arrived with some cool rumble as he rode past the surrounding buildings. It does get one’s heart rate going! 

Surprise, surprise! The first Tenere 700 showing up is about to embark on journey no less than riding around Africa! Follow Pavel’s adventures (full English) on Instagram and Facebook. His handle is @farandfurther. 

In order to re-install the OEM Yamaha heavy duty skid plate, we had to cut a small chunk out of the top right side. Small problem solved.

The Radek and Pavel began to experiment with the location and the position of the fog lights. Our upper crash bars provide an outstanding platform!

The cherry on top of the cake was to install the pannier racks. 

And the first Tenere 700 had been completed!

Next, please! 

The second Tenere 700 showed up. This one was with the very popular colour combo: red and white. The choice was obvious here: red crash bars.

We even had Roel from Mosko Moto EU pop by own his way to Austria to attend a motorcycle show! 

One good tip: supporting the engine from underneath is essential, since our lower crash bars require the (temporary) removal of two large engine bolts.

After completing the installation of the crash bars on the second Tenere 700, it was time to put the two side by side for a photo shoot. 

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