Just how wild can it go? Since I keep raising the bar of our crash bars test, it’s getting pretty wild!

Photo credit: Radek Fiala

It was unplanned. Really. I think deep down I was just waiting for an inspiring spot to carry out the next “big one”. 

Radek Fiala, our Czech, Slovakian, Polish dealer (Motorkaruv Pruvodce) and I were just out on a short photoshoot trip when we found that spot. Initially just an awesome spot for taking some action shots of the KTM 790 Adventure R. 

As Radek was flipping through the shots he had taken, I was looking at the terrain with a different eye and with thoughts of something crazy.

Indeed it can only be crazy on such terrain that’s frequented by trials motorcycles on the daily basis! The perfect spot to test our crash bars and skid plate which had been laughed at and had been doubted by many. Here’s my response in the form of photos and a video below:


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