This is with great pleasure to present you (almost all of) our production-ready accessories for the new 2020 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin! 

It was exactly four years ago that we put our hands on a CRF1000L Africa Twin with manual transmission. What’s happened in-between is truly history for us. Simply because Africa Twin 1000 has become our company’s backbone. Our customers worldwide are very happy with our crash bars and skid plates and now more and more with our pannier racks which we launched only in 2018. 

Now, with the major upgrade regarding the new 2020 (late 2019) Africa Twin 1100, we’ve faced different challenges. It is due to exactly that: major upgrade. Many of our current CRF1000L customers are looking to upgrade for the new Africa Twin and we have been asked countless times if any of the CRF1000L products from our line fit the CRF1100L? The question is sadly “no”. Honda redesigned the bike so much that it has forced us to do the same. We started with a clean sheet! 

Last year (2019) November we had acquired our CRF1100L Adventure Sports with manual transmission and began to develop the products. The only hiccup was that Honda released two different Africa Twins, thus we needed another CRF1100L to work on in order to make our products as universal as possible. The other CRF1100L had to be the standard version with DCT transmission to tick all the boxes during the development. 

Below the photos of the standard version DCT with explanation. Kudos to our French dealer, Honda Moto Lyon for helping us out with this new model. 

I’ll kick off with the pannier racks. They’re finally symmetrical based on popular request. The non exhaust side now has a decent amount of space which can be occupied by a 1 gallon Rotopax (tried and tested, see further below) or by our tool box

Very important to note that in order to install our pannier racks on the standard model CRF1100L, one must purchase the original Honda passenger grab handle. Part #08L88-MKS-E00ZA

In the photos below, you’ll see our standard version pannier racks with the Rotopax/tool box (RED) bracket installed on both sides. These can be shifted and secured in any position you’d like within the hoops’ inside diameter. 

Whether you have (or will have) a CRF1100L with DCT or manual transmission, from now on the engine guards will be the very same. For CRF1000L models we offer separate DCT and manual transmission specific engine guards. 

Same upper crash bars for both the Adventure Sports and standard CRF1100L models. We’ve made it possible for CRF1000L and we’re making it possible for the new Africa Twin 1100 as well. 

There’s a chance that we may offer a separate protection shield for the (left side) stator cover. This may come handy for those who plan to push their CRF1100L off-road! 

In its current state, the OEM skid plates can’t be reinstalled without modification. Unfortunately we haven’t been able to fit our production version skid plate in time for sharing. We’ll need a couple more weeks. 

Have you noticed the new C shaped clamps at the connection points? They’re a much finer design compared to the ones we used in the past. 

Finally a few more photos of showcasing our crash bars, engine guards, pannier racks and tail rack. This bike was equipped with an OEM centre stand but we actually offer ours. See the installation video here

Finally, the great thing about our Africa Twin crash bars is that you can pick the amount of coverage you wish to install on your bike. You can decide on a

  • full setup as in the photos
  • remove the upper bars and have only lower crash bars and engine guards 
  • feature lower crash bars and upper crash bars
  • or only lower crash bars. 

Many riders have different needs and fancy different setups. We offer a solution for most Africa Twin 1000 and 1100 owners. 

Below you’ll find photos of our CRF1100L Adventure Sports outfitted with pre-production samples, thus some details are different than in the photos above on the CRF1100L standard model.

We’re currently producing pannier racks, centre stand and rear luggage rack and getting ready to start the production of upper crash bars, lower crash bars and engine guards. Skid plate will be the last on the list but we’re working on finalizing the development. Our dealers are already placing orders and we’re looking to launch sales by mid April! 

One thought on “Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin – Major Update from Outback Motortek

  1. Gordon Keir says:

    Very important to note that in order to install our pannier racks on the standard model CRF1100L, one must purchase the original Honda passenger grab handle. Part #08L88-MKS-E00ZA

    Can you give me more details on why I have to purchase this part to install the pannier racks. Is the rear frame not structurally solid enough or is there something else I’m missing. I am not interested in a top box.

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